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Specializing in Self-Funded Health insurance options designed to Reduce Costs and put you back in Control.

Serving as Champions
for your Business and Employees

Is Your Company Facing These Issues?


Ever Increasing Premiums!


Benefits Being Reduced! 


Both Employer and the Employees are being Squeezed. 

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Stop swapping logo's for the same problems. 
We can help.


Lack of true Transparency
and Solutions that can address the Problem.

Potential Captured  Savings ($0) 

Regardless of your claims experience, wellness initiatives, or other efforts, there is no mechanism to capture and retain any savings. 

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If the plans claims are below your estimated claims for the year the plan retains 100% of those saved dollars.

Potential Captured  Savings $$$


Participants medical expenses.

Participant's medical expenses.

Stop-Loss Insurance

Insurance to protect your plan from large claims. Affectively capping the plans liability.

Insurance to protect your plan from large claims, effectively capping the plans liability.

Administrative Costs 

Includes administrative services, claims processing, and PPO network leasing.

Includes administrative services, claims processing, and PPO network leasing.

Self-Funding Made Easy

Take 1 minute and 39 seconds and see if Self-Funding is right for you.

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